Are you thinking about making a switch to a dry herb vaporizer, but first want to do some research to make sure it is the right switch? Do not worry we have got you covered. Sit back, grab a snack, and read on to find the benefits of a dry herb vaporizer:

 benefits of a dry herb vaporizer


  1. You inhale vapor and not smoke

No carcinogens or toxic chemicals due to combustion. By vaping, you cut down on the toxicity. No burning = no harm.


  1. The taste is better and cleaner

By using a vaporizer, you will taste the true flavors and you are not using high heat that causes combustion and destroys active ingredients that you will find inside of the herb.


  1. Less waste

When it comes to smoking, much of the active ingredients are destroyed causing it to waste a lot of herbs. By vaping your bowl will last much longer because it is not heated by too high heat, so it slowly turns into vapor.


  1. Discreet

When it comes to vaporizers smell as well as their design, they are very discreet. Vapor still has a smell but it does not linger as smoke does.

  1. More convenient

You can take the vaporizer on the go with you just throw it in your pocket or purse and you are ready to go. With a pipe, you cannot do this because the bowl is still hot, and you need it to cool down before putting it in your pocket or bag. No worrying about the weather even if the wind blows your vaporizer will still turn on.


  1. You have more control

If you want to have more vapor turn the temperature up and if you want less vapor to turn the temperature down. With a dry herb vaporizer, you have more control over how you feel with the herbs than when you smoke it.


  1. Less expensive

Overall vaporizers are less expensive than a water pipe. When it comes to vaporizing herbs they last longer because it is not heated by too high heat which means you don’t have to buy herbs as often as you would do when smoking them, which will also save you some money.


  1. You have more options

When it comes to vaping, you have more options than smoking. You can choose between different devices like vape pens, desktop vapes, and portable vapes. You can even pick the features of the device as the temperature setting.

vaping oil

vaping oil

  1. No odor

There are no unpleasant smells when it comes to vaping that will stick to your clothes, curtains, or couches. When it comes to a dry herb vaporizer it is discreet and you can walk around without anyone knowing what you are doing or smelling like an ashtray.


  1. Better if you are using it for medicinal purposes

It is better on your lungs because you can pack less in the herbal chamber and vape at lower temperatures.


  1. Effects are different

When vaping the ingredient in the vapor that gives you that “high” feeling namely THC will make you will feel more relaxed than getting it all at once like when smoking it.


Now that you have read the benefits of a dry herb vaporizer are you ready to make the switch? Not only will you save a lot of your herbs by vaping, but you will also have more control. Make the switch today and vape on!