A huge health risk has been associated with smoking cannabis and marijuana. However, people have created a way to consume these products without smoking. Unlike smoking, inhaling cannabis via the dry herb vaporizer comes with so many health benefits. 

Frequent users of smoking cannabis might be unsure of switching to vaporizers. It is a completely different principle that requires a learning phase. Like other vaping devices, dry herb vaporizers have their strength and shortcomings. The posy reviews the pros and cons of dry herb vaporizers. 

What Does It Mean to Vaporize?

Due to the number of harmful effects from smoking herbs, a vaporizer device was created. This device is powered by batteries which heats the herbs below combustion level until vapor is released.

Different herbs and substances like cannabis, marijuana, and nicotine can be vaped. Unlike cigarettes, this smoking device allows you to smoke these substances without the fear of lung damage. Vaping can be used in replacement of smoking – it helps avoid direct inhaling of smoke.

Nevertheless, vaporizers are still mistaken for e-cigarettes, but the difference is clear. Dry herb vaporizers use plant materials like flowers. The only thing inhaled are the ingredients in the herbs while toxins are left out. 

Many pros and cons are associated with the usage of dry herb vaporizers. Smoking deals with combustion, but a vaporizer heats dry herbs without combustion. The herbs are heated to a very low temperature until vapor is produced.




The Pros of Using Dry Herb Vaporizer

The use of vaporizers requires grinding the herb to a very smooth texture. This increases the surface area of the substance. Hot air also travels through the plant matter easily. There are different types available. You could decide to use a portable vaporizer that is easy to carry around, though it requires frequent recharging. But you can always smoke your favorite substance at your convenience. These smoking devices are perfect products for users who are always on the road. 

Desktop vaporizers are also available, which can be easily plugged into an electrical source. Unlike the portable vaporizers, you can’t carry desktop vaporizers around. You can only have these devices installed in a location. But you can always vape for an extended period. 

There are certain reasons why people consider vaping apart from it less toxicity.

  • Fewer Toxins: Fumes are not produced like smoking, which can even be choking. The device produces little smoke because the temperature is lower. Herbs do not undergo combustion. The end products are brown and not charred. Therefore, toxins ingested into the body are less toxic.
  • Stress-free: The device doesn’t require a match/lighter like a cigarette. You can carry it around and use it whenever the batteries are charged. As a matter of fact, many of these devices come in an attractive design. So, you can always have them completing the look of your outfit. 
  • Better Flavor: You can always taste the flavor and ingredients in the herb with no challenges. Vaporized dry herbs allow you to taste the flavors directly. All forms of burnt taste are eliminated. Inhaling smoke is not encouraging. You get to enjoy the real flavor with vaporizers.
  • Flexibility: The device permits you to control temperature through the settings. You can decide to regulate the temperature as you wish. Often, many dry herb vaporizers come with a temperature control button. 
  • Privacy: Users of this device enjoy privacy in terms of no visible smoke during usage. No fumes are released, and the smell isn’t as obvious as smoking. As a matter of fact, these smoking devices produce a pleasant smell. Even if you haven’t smoked using a vape pen before, you would be tempted to do so. 
  • Medicinal purposes: People who use marijuana for medicinal purposes have control over the dosage. The device allows them to regulate the quality that is ingested. Apart from this, dry herb vaporizers come with unlimited health benefits. 

The Cons of Using Dry Herb Vaporizer

Although the use of dry herb vaporizers is fast gaining recognition, it still has some flaws. To make use of a vaporizer, the herbs must be grounded to a smooth texture. This typically means a grinder is needed  

  • Electrical issues: A lighter isn’t needed, but the device needs to be recharged before use. This requires an electrical source. As a result of this, you have a limited period to smoke your cannabis using this tool. 
  • Learning phase: Vaping isn’t as easy as it seems. It would be best if you learned how to use the device and work with the settings. You can easily change the temperature settings to suit you.
  • Maintenance: The device also needs to be adequately maintained. Regular cleaning ensures efficiency. 
  • Costly: The device isn’t cheap. The estimated price for it is about $80 – $100, but you get to enjoy efficiency. This is far different from smoking which simply requires paper or a pipe.
  • No limitations: Government laws do not affect the use of vaporizers. People can easily get it without paying taxes and following certain regulations.
  • Medicinal factors: Some users may be allergic to propylene glycol, which causes dehydration during vaping. You need to seek medical advice before you can consider using this device.
Dry herb vape

Dry herb vape

Health Effects of Vaping 

Research has shown that frequent users of smoking cannabis switching to vaping experienced reduced respiratory problems.

Moreover, these studies vary. Another research shows that ammonia is produced with this vapor at a high level. This is dangerous, but the level of lung and throat irritation is reduced.

Vaporizers are not certified medical devices. Complications may arise from using them. Some of these side effects include:

  • Dehydration: The mouth experiences a drying effect. If it is left untreated for a long time, oral health complications can arise.
  • Sore throat: The vape coils may be nickel-based, leading to allergic reactions that cause sore throat. Check the specifications of your device before using it just to be on the safer side.

Indeed, the use of vaporizers is getting quite common among Americans. It should be noted that using it as an option to quit smoking is not advisable.

There are several other ways you can follow to put off your addiction. Are you interested in embracing vaping? You can share your thoughts about this.