CBD comes in many forms and a lot of people choose to take their daily dosage via vaping. You can vape dry herbs, but if you need a more concentrated option you probably will turn to oil vaporizers.

The market is packed with CBD vape juices. You can choose from pre-filled tanks, you can get CBD vape oil and just fill your cartridges. You also need a good vaporizer, that compatible with many cartridges and this will get us to our next point.

There is a variety of vape pens, vaporizers, and cartridges available and it can be overwhelming to pick one. The good news is that companies make their products versatile and interchangeable. How do they do that? If you haven’t heard about the 510 thread then keep on reading, because you are in for some treat. We will explain what is the 510 thread about and how can you make your one vaporizer fit any situation.

What are oil vaporizers/vapes/vape pens?

Oil vape pens are-battery powered devices, that heats a chemical (plant) compound infused oil or liquid to the point where the juice evaporates. This vapor contains (usually) cannabis compounds that people use for medicinal or recreational purposes.

These vaporizers typically have 3 major parts, battery (power-source), atomizer (heating element), tank (cartridge). These parts are connected by a system called the 510 Thread. This thread allows you to change easily any part of your vaporizer. Buy a new battery if you need to, have your tank filled with vape juice, or you can just screw on a pre-filled vape cartridge on your vape.

I’m What is a 510 thread?

510 Thread is a type of connection (like a screw system) that attaches the part of an oil vaporizer, concentrate vaporizer, or pen-style vaporizer. The name is coming from its psychical appearance, there are 10 screw threads, with the cartridge that is five millimeters in length. Most of the electronic vaporizers that are on the market work with this system, however, there are always exceptions.

510 thread battery

When you are purchasing your electronic device you should be able to see in the description that it is a 510 Thread compatible battery, or you can just simply ask the vendor you are buying from.

The installation of these batteries is super simple. You have your battery with a female 510 thread and a cartridge that comes with a male thread. You just screw the cartridge into the battery and you are ready to go.

Watch out though, if you screw it too loose there will be no connection, and the battery won’t be able to power the atomizer in the tank, so the device won’t work. Also don’t twist it too tight because later you might have a problem replacing the cartridge.

Note: you will see cool devices on the market where the parts are connected magnetically. These usually also work with a 510 thread adapter that you just need to screw on a cartridge.

510 thread tank

The tank or cartridge is the part of the vaporizer, that holds your substance. The coil or atomizer, which is the heating element is also part of the tank. There are a lot of different kinds of atomizers on the market, that are used for different purposes. The 510 thread is a universal threading style since it is widely accepted. That means you are going to have almost endless possibilities to customize your device and vaping experience.

You can buy 510 thread cartridges that are already pre-filled with CBD or THC vape oil, or you can just buy an empty one and use your favorite vape juice. Most of these tanks have a ceramic heating element, they are durable and allow you to refill them a couple of times. Keep in mind that these coils can be used up and depending on how often you vape you might need to change it from once a week to once a month.

Cartridges with 510 thread

Cartridges with 510 thread

Where to buy 510 thread batteries or tanks?

Since 510 thread is widely accepted and popular threading you will find batteries or tanks at your local vape shop, or basically anywhere online. However beware, that there is plenty of knock-offs as well, so make sure you are getting your devices from a reliable source. You don’t want cheap, plastic material, that doesn’t work and it could be even dangerous. Quality materials are a must in this case too, just like with anything that you are putting in your body.

Why is the 510 thread important?

A huge advantage of the 510 thread is that it keeps vaping products open source and allows you to build your own device for your unique needs. It is customizable for the best experience. Another reason we love it is that it is very affordable. Their price can go from 10$ to 100$ plus, but a decent, reliable battery and tank won’t be more than 50$.

So to sum it up 510 thread devices, are versatile, portable, affordable, and easy to use. They give you many options to customize everything for your needs and many chances to experiment with. It is a great way to try CBD products or change to vaping from smoking.

When you first put together your vaporizer pen and realize how easy and hustle-free it is, the world just becomes a better place:)