The culture of vaping is common. People do it for fun or to abandon the habit of smoking and trying something new like the atomizer. Some youngsters, both male, and female, also try it just to experience the effects of this technology. No doubt, it is an easy and simple device that is not even expensive. Moreover, you can use it for many years and enjoy smoking whenever you want.

But do you know how your vape or e-cigarette works?

Have you ever thought about the main component of a vape?

Well, the essential component is called an atomizer, which produces vapors in a moment when you turn on your vape or e-cigarette. Without an atomizer in your smoking device, you can’t enjoy inhaling mist. However, it is a general term used to indicate any device which converts liquid into vapors. The perfumes also contain atomizer to emit pleasant odor vapors when you push the perfume spray nozzle.

Whenever you pick a vape or electronic cigarette, do remember the key component, which is the reason you adore your device.

What Is An Atomizer?

The term “atomizer” generally refers to any device that converts liquid into the mist. When it comes to the vape, it is the small component of your device that works to heat your vape juice to produce the smokable vapor. These vapors are what make your vaping experience so enjoyable.

Ohms is the unit of measurement of an atomizer’s ability. It indicates the amount of resistance of a specific atomizer. If you want an atomizer that has a comparatively low ohm level, it will require more power. You may have heard the term “sub-ohm,” the “sub” in the term means less than. This term associates with an atomizer that has coils with a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohm.

What Does an Atomizer Do?

You can say that atomizer is the key element that makes an e-cigarette work. E-cigarettes without any atomizer are no less than a worthless tank filled with e-liquid. So, you can’t enjoy any vaping effects without an atomizer.

As mentioned above, an atomizer is a small piece or component that helps to transform a liquid substance into a mist. In the vaping world, an atomizer is a device inside the electronic cigarette that turns liquids into vapor.

The process is simple; the electronic cigarette atomizers start heating the e-liquid slightly until it starts to evaporate into a vapor that a person can inhale. This is why you can see an atomizer always adjusted between the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece and tank. The atomizer takes liquid from the tank on one end and emits vapor from the other end of the mouthpiece.

Parts of E-cigarette and Their Anatomy

You may be wondering how an atomizer can transform the liquid into a vapor and what other components of the electronic cigarettes do? Well, to understand the role of different elements, you must understand the composition of the e-cigarette.

You need to know the basic parts of this smoking device, which you use to have the ultimate vaping experience. After that, you will get a clear view of how all the elements are related to each other and give you an amazing vaping device.

The following are the basic components of an electronic cigarette and its function.

E-liquid Tank

e-liquid tank

e-liquid tank

As of the name, the e-liquid tank is just a reservoir which plays the role to store e-liquid. They come in various shapes and sizes, including big size, open tanks, and small disposable pods and cartridges.


For obvious reasons, the battery is one of the main components as it provides energy to the device. However, this battery only provides the power to the atomizers so that it can do its job to turn the liquid into a vapor form.




Atomizer uses battery electricity to heat up a coil. This coil heats up the e-liquid. More importantly, an atomizer is attached to all the components of an e-cigarette, including tank, battery, and mouthpiece.




The mouthpiece is the component that helps you seek vaping pleasure. It is where you put your mouth to breathe in the vapor coming out from your e-cigarette. The mouthpiece “paves” the way for the vapors so that you can directly inhale them. It also creates some extra space between your lips and the hot atomizer; thus, the atomizer doesn’t burn your lips.

In short, the battery attached to the atomizer works as a power source. The tank connected to the atomizer takes the e-liquid and then turns it into vapor by heating. Finally, the mouthpiece connected to the atomizer serves as a tool to gather the vapor produced by the atomizer and transfer it to your mouth.

So, now you know how these components work in harmony and take your vaping experience to a whole new level.

Process of Atomizer When You Vape

Now that you are familiar with the components and their working, it will be relatively easier to understand how the atomizer works when you vape.

The process starts when wick or other wicking element draws in e-juice from the tank. This liquid soaks the wicks or cotton covering surrounding the coil in the atomizer.

When you press the button to “light” the e-cigarette or draw air in through the mouthpiece, it activates the battery. This way, the battery starts to boost the atomizer by giving electricity. The atomizer converts this energy into heat, which helps to heat up the coils.

Within seconds, the coil gets hot and starts turning the heated e-juice in the wick into a mist. The mist fills up in the surrounding of the coil and in the mouthpiece until you inhale it.

When you keep vaping, the wick continues to take more and more liquid into the atomizer to do the transformation process. The vapors will continue creating until the wick stays wet with e-liquid, and the coil stays heated.

So, now you may understand why an atomizer is considered the most critical part of the device. Although the device has a simple process, there are many variations you can find in an atomizer design.

Types of Vape Atomizer

Vapes come in different sizes, shapes, and design – thanks to the increasing technology. They all do the same work to provide you with mist. However, all of them have a major difference in quality. Some of them are not harmful to health, and others can cause many lung diseases.

Moreover, another difference is the different types of e-liquid used in them. Some use herbs, which can be helpful for you. Some have artificial liquids, which can cause issues later, and other used elements like dab, which can also be beneficial.

While there are a variety of e-cigarettes and vapes, they all need an atomizer for the vaping. This component is present in all types of vapes, no matter what size, shape, or design they have.

Here are three types of atomizers that various vapes contain.

Wax Atomizer

Wax atomizers are the component used inside the famous wax vape pens to take a mobile dab from a pen. So what is a vape pen? A vape pen is a device that gets power from a battery. It has four essential parts, the sensors, atomizer, tank, and battery. Moreover, the dry herb vaporizers have somewhat the same elements.

These pens have a simple structure and typically have a small size. They are easy to use and come in various designs. Additionally, these pens are different from other atomizers on the market because of their material. The other major difference is its temperature handling ability.

The wax atomizer also has some benefits like it doesn’t leave behind any residue. People who smoke herbs always face the difficulty of contaminants produced on the device after some time. But that not just it, this means that the same particles can also enter your mouth and go into your lungs, which can be hazardous for your health. This is why wax is perfect for smoking because it eliminates impurities and leaves behind a pure taste.

Dry Herb Atomizer

Dry herb atomizer is somehow the same as your regular e-cigarette. However, it has heating elements designed to effectively and efficiently heat up your herbs instead of e-liquid. Also, it has an appropriate chamber that prevents the contaminant from mixing into herbs. The chamber is also typically large enough to hold the herbs in it.

Electron cigarettes take help from wick to pull up e-juice into the heating element, which means it has a direct contact between the liquid and heating element. Dry herb vaporizer puts your herb in a chamber separated from the coil or heating component itself. Hence, it uses an indirect method to heat your bud.

The primary reason to keep the herbs away from the heat source is to prevent it from burning or combusting, which is not good in terms of vaping. This device gives the best trick of vaping that herb should be heated indirectly and slowly. This way, all those active compounds which we need can be released in the form of vapors from the leaf without combusting.

Dab Atomizer

Dab atomizer is the one that comes with the dab pens. These pens are used mostly for the inhaling of dabs. They are the small particles of THC which you use instead of traditional e-liquid or dry herb. A dap pen typically contains the same elements of the vape pen, and somehow works in the same way.

These pens come in various sizes and usually contain a small battery, mouthpiece, and atomizer. The heating chamber is attached to a wick. It is essential to get the liquid heated properly; if not, it starts to accumulate on the walls, making it harder for the device to turn them into vapor.

In this case, the dabs put into a dab pen should have a thin consistency that can be heated efficiently and form vapors without combusting. The dabs are placed directly onto the coil and get heated so that it can melt down into a wick, which will absorb the materials. The wick then heats it up to produce a vapor that you can inhale.

Bottom Line

Many people have the habit of smoking, and some only do it once in a while for fun. Because of the demand for smoking, companies are now introducing new technologies in this field to serve their customers. These new devices are quite impressive and worth using. This is because companies are compacting the technology day by day.

Remember the time when people used pipes for smoking? Well, smoking pipes were not good for health, and they did not allow enjoying the true smoking experience. This forced smoke lovers to find alternatives like cigars and then cigarettes to cherish smoking in a fun way. As technology continues to evolve, people, especially youngsters, are turning to vapes or electronic cigarettes.

Vapes are handy, appealing, and give you a wonderful smoking time. These devices have different components connected together. However, these components are worthless without the atomizer. The atomizer helps the device to produce mist in seconds when you turn it on. So, don’t forget to thank atomizer whenever you place vape in your mouth and enjoy vapors.