People make grinding herbs a preparation step, but forget to observe the importance of this step. Weed grinders can influence the quality of the vapors to a great extent. The high- quality weed grinders believe it or not even intensifies a vaping experience. Their function is to transform the herbs into a more concentrated form, that is not possible using only your hands. To make your session more enjoyable, here are some grinders you can choose from:

Electric grinders

The grinder helps you get the maximum value using minimum effort. It is a more helpful way to grind your herbs. You pay for convenience and the problem with these grinders is that they are a bit pricey.

Four-piece, three-chamber grinders

These grinders consist out of 3 compartments:
1. For catching the kief
2. Grinding
3. Collection of your herbs
They are a bit pricier than your normal manual grinder.

Two-piece, Single Chamber Grinder

This grinder does not have a kief catcher or a chamber to collect your herbs, but only the lid and the grinding compartment. One of the grinders’ advantages is its adjustability. A good grinder will add extra value to your herbs.
Here are some reasons why you should use a weed grinder:

1. Better Consistency
Without using a good grinder, it is hard to get the same consistency of herbs that is important for an even extraction of the vaporous substances in the herbs. However, the flavor of the plant depends on the consistency more than the type of device you use. With consistency, the herbs will burn evenly causing a constant flow of your flavourful vapor.

2.Thicker vapor
The things people complain about the most is the shortage of the vapor cloud. People mainly like a big cloud because it gives them the perception that they got a good hit. The thickness depends on the texture of the weed.
The surface area of the fuel increases in its powder form and then the heat can reach more fuel. Meaning thicker clouds are produced and the vapor will taste better with a stronger hit

3.More natural intense hits
When the plant is grounded poorly by your hands, it makes it hard to release the full potent combination of compounds and the terpenes that is present in the herb. Most of the vaping devices for herbs are made to have its chamber filled with ground herbs, which lead to the vapor being thicker and the flavor is richer.

4.Denser fuel tanks
When the tank is not filled enough, you won’t get the expected result. If your weed is properly grounded, you can fill the chamber till it is tightly packed. This leads to a better fit and better flavor.

5.Catch the kief
This is the part of the cannabis plant that makes the weed unique and potent. With the latest grinders on the market, you can catch the kief with the mesh screens. It can be added to the session manually by the chamber or by other forms of products like the moonrocks.

Visit to see the Hippie Grinder. The grinder is a two-layered grinder with a sturdy and high-quality steel body. The size is 1.5” diagonal. It is very portable and fits perfectly in your pocket.

Here are other ways to improve your experience:

1. Invest in the best e-liquids
When you vape, it is all about the flavor, and buying cheap vape juices won’t give you that enjoyable hit.

2. It is all about the taste
There is an amazing range of flavors out there, start experimenting and find the best juice for you.

3. Get to know the preferred PG/VG ratio in vaping juices
High VG content is ideal if you want big clouds. But if you want a deep throat hit without the clouds, you need a low VG juice.

4. Shake your vape juice
Shake your vape juice to get everything mixed up again, before filling your vape tank. It will make a big difference and enhance your vaping experience.
5. Keep your juice out of sunlight
Make sure to keep your juice in a dark cupboard to minimize the possibility of it degrading.

6. Clean your vape tank regularly
If your vape tank is plastic or glass, it will get dirty and will spoil the taste of your favorite flavor.

7. Change your battery
Be super organized and always have a spare battery on you for when your battery dies.

8. Multiple flavors, multiple tanks
If you don’t use different tanks for your different flavors make sure to rinse out your tank after each liquid, so that you don’t have a mashup of flavors. It sounds interesting but trusts me it is disgusting.

Follow these steps to ensure you have the best vaping experience. Experiment and get to know what you like and prefer the amazing options out there.
Get your preference, relax, and enjoy the experience.