The problem with the words “the best” is that ultimately, it is subjective. Seriously, I understand that people like to use the phrase “the best” all the time. In fact, if you read any kind of sales or promotional materials, you keep running into the phrase “the best” time and time again. 

Unfortunately, just like the word Love or Trust, every time the phrase “the best” gets repeated, its meaning becomes more and fuzzier. Ultimately, it’s subjective, because what’s best for you might not necessarily be the best for somebody else. 

This shouldn’t take much brain cells to process because everybody’s different. Everybody has different experiences. Everybody has different backgrounds. All our experiences shape our perception of reality, as well as our perception of our needs, and this has a direct impact on what we think the best product is for us. 

Given all those differences, then it doesn’t make sense for people to just ask a buddy of theirs for “the best” product. While it’s true that birds of a feather do flock together, and friends do tend to have certain interests and do tend to see eye-to-eye on certain issues, you can only take things so far. 

Ultimately, everybody is unique, and to say that you can readily ask somebody for a referral and be perfectly happy with their referral, is a fantasy. You’re just setting yourself up for a letdown. It’s just not going to happen most of the time because no referral is perfect. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ask for referrals. I’m not saying that all referrals are inherently so useless that they are not worth the bother. What I am saying is that you have to be more specific regarding your search parameters. 

You can’t just hide behind broad ideas or concepts like “the best,” and come up with the best. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, it’s more like taking shots in the dark, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. As you probably already know, if you found yourself in that kind of situation, that is not much of a strategy. After all, hope is not a strategy. 

So what would work if you are looking for “the best” CBD oil for your own personal use? Here are some objective factors that people from all backgrounds and all usage levels and all experience levels could agree on. It doesn’t matter how much money they spend. It doesn’t matter what kind of brand they normally go with. 

These are the things that they look for, and once you have this framework, you can then start doing your search for this specific product that is more likely to give you what you’re looking for. At the end of the day, it’s all about your needs. At the end of the day, the only person that can truly define what “the best” is, is you. 

So do yourself a big favor and at least allow the following objective elements guide you to the product that you can be happy with. 



I don’t know about you, but buying CBD oil that came from plants, that were drenched in pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, and all sorts of nasty stuff does not exactly fill me with inspiration. It doesn’t exactly give me a tremendous amount of confidence about the ultimate quality of the oil being squeezed out of the product which I will then ingest. 

Please understand that CBD oil is ingested. You are taking it into your body for a wide range of medicinal reasons. It is a marijuana-based product and it requires a high degree of purity, and it must not get you high. Otherwise, in the United States, under federal law, you can still go to jail. 

Although it’s true that certain states have legalized marijuana, CBD is still a marijuana-derived product. It doesn’t get you high, but if the feds really want to push it, you might end up in legal hot water. The problem is if you don’t insist on organic CBD, then it’s anybody’s guess whether the manufacturer is going to play fast and loose with manufacturing standards and you end up with more THC than you bargained for. 



What if I told you that the temperature of your CBD oil has a big impact on its usability. A lot of people claim that CBD is good for insomnia, epilepsy, certain types of cancer, certain conditions related to diabetes, and a whole laundry list of health benefits. 

The problem is a lot of these medicinal effects go away if you buy CBD oil that is produced using a high-heat process. You may be thinking, “Okay, I just need to buy CBD oil from a manufacturer that just squeezes the CBD out of plant material instead of grinding it up and running it through a high-temperature system like soybean processors.” 

It’s not that simple. Even if the CBD, or feedstock which is hemp, is cold-processed, this doesn’t guarantee that it won’t pass a certain heat threshold. If it passes a certain heat threshold, a lot of the medicinal benefits change, and worse yet, the taste of the CBD oil becomes bitter. 

This is why you should insist on cold-pressed CBD oil. In other words, they’re actively monitoring the temperature so that it doesn’t go up past a certain level. 



There are all sorts of harsh chemical solvents out there to filter oils. Unfortunately, a lot of CBD oil manufacturers like to blow smoke up their buyers’ backsides by saying that they use a high-quality filtration system. 

The problem is when CBD is separated using heavy-duty industrial compounds, which are then chemically separated, you may not have an all-natural product at the end of the process. It may start out as 100% natural, but because of these solvents as wel as the different additives that have been added, taken out, added again, and as the oil makes it through several stages of the filtration process, all bets are off regarding the quality, freshness, and desirability of the final product. 

Why not just dispense with all of that uncertainty and insist on a natural filtration process? If the manufacturer cannot explain how their process uses only all-natural elements without solvents, walk away. 


Insist only on fresh stuff 

CBD oil, just like any other oil, has a shelf life. You have to understand that while oil can last much longer than a typical extract when stored in a bottle which he kept in a cool, dark and dry place, you can’t assume too much. 

If you buy something that has been in stock for a long time and hasn’t been used for several months, the overall desirability and quality of the oil might break down. You have to understand that oils do go through a chemical degradation process. This is all natural. This applies to all oils out there. This applies across the board. 

To avoid having to ingest oil that has chemically biodegraded, insist on the freshest oil, and ingest this fresh oil as soon as possible. 



Now you may be thinking that given all the considerations above, you should resign yourself to paying a pretty penny. While that’s not necessarily a foregone conclusion, seriously, please understand that the CBD market is very competitive. There are manufacturers out there who produce 100% organic, cold-pressed, naturally-filtered, and fresh oil at a very affordable rate. 

You may be thinking that you’re looking to have your cake and eat it too, don’t be surprised if you’re able to pull it off. Given how competitive the market is, insist on the very best. It’s very hard to hit a high target if you’re aiming low, so aim high. You’d be surprised at how affordable premium grade CBD oil can be. 

Keep the tips above in mind if you are serious about finding the very best CBD oil you can find. The very best product is available, you just have to put in the time, effort, and attention to detail.