How to Pick the Very Best Electronic Cigarettes

You probably have come across many consumer guides for electronic cigarettes, eCig products as well as accessories like eCig batteries, eCig juice or eCig mods. A lot of these guides seem to be well-written. In fact, a lot of them seem to be saying the kinds of things you expected. In other words, it’s easy to think that you have come across the right selection resources.

Unfortunately, a lot of these electronic cigarette guides suffer from a fairly predictable range of problems. These issues can definitely get in the way of you getting the full value of the hard-earned dollars you use to purchase these types of products.

If you are not careful, it would be fairly easy for you to make the wrong choice time and time again. While there are lots of eCig guides that help you navigate the often complicated world of electronic cigarettes, finding the right eCig source requires a lot of attention to detail. It also requires that you go beyond reading eCig reviews.

I’m not saying that you should completely discount these, but you have to understand that there are many sources of information online and a lot of them suffer from hype. Either the hype is obvious or you have to read between the lines. No matter how you cut it, there is still hype and it’s very easy to fall for the exaggeration and end up making the wrong decision.

A lot of this really centers on the question of “the best”. Whenever you do a search for the best of anything, chances are you will get a lot of hype, a lot of heat but very little light. That’s going to be a problem. You’re looking for information that would help you pick the right electronic cigarette. You’re looking for the right information so you can make truly informed decisions as you search online for the best electronic cigarettes.

Unfortunately, reading eCig reviews, checking out one eCig gallery after another or looking for the ultimate eCig source is really not going to help you all that much if there is a tremendous amount of hype in the mix. You can best bet that there are going to be lots of exaggeration and there will be a lot of smoke blown your way.

So, what is the truth? How can you make sense of all this chaos? How can you make sure that when you search online for the best products, you actually end up with something halfway decent?

It’s very easy to blow a tremendous amount of money going from one eCig brand to another. Seriously. Whether you like Halo eCig, Volcano eCig, Blu eCig, Hoosier eCig or Logic eCig, it’s very easy to get taken in by brands.

Now, nobody is saying that these brands by themselves are bad. Nobody is saying that you should steer clear of these brands.

However, please understand that brands like Logic eCig or Logic Pro eCig or Aspire eCig are made for a certain range of electronic cigarette fans. You may not be in that range, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s why brands exist. There are certain brands for certain types of users. There are other brands for other types. That’s how markets work.

Unfortunately, if you were to look for the very best electronic cigarettes online and fall for the hype and exaggeration, you’re just making things all that much harder for yourself. You end up in a confusing soup of information and you’re no less informed after reading all those materials and eCig reviews than when you began.

Sounds really frustrating, right? After all, looking for the right electronic cigarette shouldn’t be all that hard. This is really the problem because people look at it from that perspective. They’re going about this the wrong way.

You have to understand that there is no such thing as a magic-bullet, one-size-fits-all solution. You have to look at your lifestyle. You have to look at your personal preference. You have to look at your personality. Those are the three key areas that you should operate from.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t do that. Instead, they assume the there is such an ideal product out there that appeals to all people from all walks of life with all sorts of electronic cigarette usage habits and routines, and it’s their job to hunt the best e-cigarette down.

Well, you’re more than welcome to do that but, let me tell you, it’s going to be as fruitless as Captain Ahab sailing the ocean blue to hunt down the great white whale, Moby Dick.

I don’t mean to make fun of your search for the right electronic cigarettes as well as eCig mods and accessories. But that’s really the mission that you’re setting up for yourself. It is often thankless and it is definitely quite confusing. In fact, in most cases, don’t be surprised if you end up chasing your own tail. That’s right. You’re going to be going around in circles.

A lot of this, like I mentioned earlier, really boils down starting your search using the slippery concept of “the best”. What if I told you that the best doesn’t exist? I know that’s kind of shocking to a lot of people, but it’s absolutely true.

There is no such thing as “the best” that is going to apply to everybody across the board. That’ just not going to happen. We’re too different for that to take place. We have different experiences. We have different backgrounds. We look at the world differently.

This is why looking for the best electronic cigarettes or eCig products is really a fool’s errand. You have to focus on what makes sense to you. This is the key. It’s really your own personal journey.

If you can wrap your mind around this, then your search can be quite short. Seriously. It may turn out to be not all that complicated. If you focus first on your lifestyle as well as your usage preferences, chances are you don’t have to look far and wide to get your hands on the right eCig.

Unfortunately, if you fall for the hype and you actually believe that there is such a thing as “the best” product that applies to all people at all times with all sorts of e-cigarette usage habits, then you’re just making things harder on yourself. You’re just creating a lot of unnecessary confusion for yourself, and you are the one who is going to pay the price.

Here are some practical tips to avoid doing this. If you follow these tips, you reduce the chances of you going around in circles. Seriously. You stand to save quite a bit of time, effort and energy if you just follow these basic tips. They’re not rocket science. They don’t involve some sort of magical formula. They are pretty straightforward. They help you get to the point quickly.

Go Beyond Brand

Make no mistake there is a tremendous amount of great eCig brands out there. From Halo eCig to Volcano eCig to Aspire eCig to Logic eCig to Hoosier eCig to the famous Blu e-cigarettes, there are more brands in the market than you can swing a bat at. However, this doesn’t mean much because you have to go beyond brand.

Now, there’s a reason some brands have quite a bit of a following compared to others. With everything else being equal, it’s usually a good idea to go with a known brand than a no-name brand.

With that said, you have to go beyond brand. You have to look at functionality. You have to look at your actual preferences. You have to zero in on the kind of performance you expect from your electronic cigarette device.

This requires clear thinking. This requires some focused effort on figuring out what makes sense to you personally so you can look for the features that will deliver the kind of experience and quality you’re looking for. That’s really the bottom line.

Unfortunately, fixating or obsessing about brands is really not going to help you all that much. If anything, it will just add to the confusion.

So, when you look at the different eCig brands that I have mentioned above, look at their functionality, look at their features and go beyond the jargon and the hyped-up descriptions.

Focus instead on the outcomes you could reasonably expect from them. At the end of the day, it’s really all about benefits. Can you draw from an electronic cigarette in such a way that it gives you what you’re looking for? That’s the bottom line.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It doesn’t matter how many people swear by it. It doesn’t matter how big of a brand its manufacture has managed to put together. None of that really matters because, at the end the day, it’s all about you using an eCig and asking yourself whether you got the right deal or not.

It really all boils down to that black-and-white question. Are you getting the kind of experience that you signed up for are you getting something else? It’s really hard to lie in that situation. There is really not much wiggle room in that case.

Check Out Different Sources of Recommendations

One of the biggest reasons people get confused when they’re looking for “the best” electronic cigarette online is that they get access to a lot of places that spit out quite a number of recommendations. These places may have similarities. There seems to be certain common patterns that they share.

However, for the most part, they tend to contradict each other. They tend to go in different directions and this makes for one complicated and confusing mess.

Whether you start at eCig-City or you go to the typical eCig forum or you hang out Reddit eCig sections or eCig Reddit sub-forums, you end up with the same conflicting set of signals. Some people swear by certain brands. Others give often contradictory pieces of advice.

This is why, in many cases, eCig forums create more problems than they solve. Now, nobody is claiming that they’re absolutely worthless. Nobody is saying that you should avoid eCig forums like the plague.

However, if you don’t have a clear understanding of what makes sense to you and what your actual needs are, then hanging out at the typical Reddit eCig discussion is probably going to create more confusion than it resolves. Consider yourself warned.

Consider Different eCig Mods and Accessories

Assuming  that you have found a particular brand and model that has captured your attention and fascination, you might want to keep researching. You might want to look at your actual use of your e-cigarette device.

Please understand that this device is not isolated. It needs batteries. It needs eCig juice. It needs eCig mods. In other words, you should not look at your e-cigarette selection in some sort of vacuum.

You have to look at it in context. How easy is it to accessorize? How easy is it to pull apart and clean? How easy is it to upgrade? Are there upgrade options? What kind of problems normally attend this type of brand and model?

Do you see how this works? When you look at the big picture and this includes the eCig batteries, eCig juice and all sorts of accessories, you see what really goes into your e-cigarette lifestyle. You are not just engaged in some isolated act of buying an electronic cigarette and calling it a day. It is going to be part of your lifestyle. It is going to impact a lot of the things that you do when it comes to enjoying your eCig juice.

Consider Different Types of Sellers

In addition to gaining a full-picture view of the device that you are buying, you might want to also look at the different types of sellers. Please understand that they have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t think that just because a particular source has developed quite a solid-gold reputation in the industry that it should be your only option. It may well turn out that they may not have the perfect product for you.

Remember, it’s all about your needs. Everything has to be personalized according to how you actually plan to use the electronic cigarette product that you are looking for. Don’t think for a second that you are somehow married to one particular seller just because they have a great reputation.

You have to think outside of the box. You have to look at the actual range of benefits that you are shopping for instead of just obsessing about the specific reputation or big-time brand that you are looking at.

You might want to consider checking out the different types of eCig stores. Not only should you start at EcigExpress. You should also go Ecig Avenue, ECig Crib as well as eCig-City. Believe it or not checking out E-Cig Barn should give you a good understanding of the typical eCig outlet so you can gain a big-picture view of the typical eCig store.

In other words, don’t fall for the first store you come across. It may well turn out that eCig store does not hold a candle to another store further down the road. Keep looking.

Take note but keep looking. This way, your search would have the proper context and your chances of actually coming across the very best product for your particular set of circumstances and needs increase tremendously. It’s not a slam dunk, but you will be doing yourself a very big favor by going beyond brand and going beyond store brand and reputation.

Consider the different types of sellers. Consider the overall context of your usage and the different places that recommend e-cigarette products. Once you have all this information, then you would have everything that you need to truly make an informed decision.

That’s how it works. Otherwise, you’re just jumping the gun. Otherwise, you may just be setting yourself up for one big letdown.

You worked too hard for your money. Do yourself a big favor. Expect a tremendous amount of value for every red cent you worked so hard for.