Having a long-lasting juicy way to enjoy cannabis is the dream of every smoker. I know the last painful experience of intense coughing while smoking traditionally wrapped cannabis makes you want to quit. Why not try vaping out. Vaping refers to the use of electronic devices to heat unprocessed flowers into gas which the vapers inhale. One of the most popular vaping devices on the shelves is the dry herb vaporizer. Unlike other smoking devices, vaporizers offer a better smoking experience. However, using a dry herb vaporizer can be tricky, especially if you are new to the vaping world. Fortunately, the post contains the major trick behind using a dry herb vaporizer. It also reviews other important information you need to know about the vape pen. 

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are devices with an internal, rechargeable battery, plus a self-contained oven that uses conduction or convection heating to vaporize marijuana. Unlike other models, the vaporizing tool can heat any product inserted into the vape chamber.

Knowing your vaporizer’s essential parts


The battery is one of the essential parts of any vaporizer. The design performance solely depends on the battery.  Batteries come in both removable and fixed forms. Fixed batteries are inbuilt, and you cannot replace them most times. Unlike fixed, removable batteries can be changed. Rechargeable batteries have a power capacity of about 18350 to 18650 volts. Often, dry herb vaporizer batteries are rechargeable, but the charging duration depends on the model.

The oven

The “oven,” also referred to as the “chamber,” is another essential part of a vaporizer. It houses the herb for the heating process. Depending on the type, the oven can either be stainless steel or be made with ceramic. As opposed to stainless, a ceramic product heats faster and keeps the natural flavor of your substance.  However, a dirty chamber might hinder the performance of the device.  So, clean the oven always.


Mouthpieces available in dry herb vaporizers vary from one model to another. Aside from having different materials, they also come in different sizes and shapes. Vapors are drawn from the mouthpiece. There are long and short mouthpieces. However, longer types are better because they help cool down the vapor. Also, glass models are desirable for maximum flavor, but they are more fragile and less friendly than plastic or metal mouthpieces.

How does a dry herb vaporizer work?

Dry herb vaporizer works by heating dry flowers filled into the chamber into gas form.  During vaporization, substances get toasted to a temperature of about 284°F and start to burn at approximately 446°F.

Usually, smoke, toxins, and carcinogens are not produced during vaporization. This is because the model heats below combustion temperature. The device turns cannabinoids into vapor by using the convection and conduction method. By conduction method, your weed comes in direct contact with the heating coil.  However, during the convection process, your dry herb does not directly contact the heating element. The latter mode passes hot air and steadily around the dry plant, allowing the compounds to vaporize without burnt.




How do you use a dry herb vaporizer?

For vape veterans, using a vape pen is quite an easy task. However, for those just joining the smoke world, knowing how the vape tool works is important.

Vaporizers are easy to use. Once your product is charged or plugged, grind your weed to the medium level.  Place the cannabis into the design’s chamber moderately with a flat handy tool and stack the herb using a device or your finger. Ensure the weed component is not over-packed to enable free circulation of hot air. Tune to the desired temperature and wait for about 30 seconds.  When it is fully heated, put your mouth loosely on the mouthpiece. Drag until your lungs are filled with vapor, then exhale the puff—happy vaping.

Things to consider before purchasing a dry herb vaporizer

Aside from being a professional vaper, possessing a prototype that can serve well is quite a good fortune. Considering the number of vaporizers in the vape market today, purchasing a durable and reliable product might prove difficult. However, this review is here to help smokers out. Below are necessary things to consider before buying any vaporizing model.

1. Size

Not all vaporizers are created the same. That is why size is an essential factor to consider. Your lifestyle determines the portability of your device. For smokers who love to hit the road, a portable prototype should be considered for mobility’s sake. However, home vapers might as well consider a desktop dry herb vaporizer.

2. Heat method

The dry component tool comes with two distinct heating methods. The first is conduction, while the second is convection. The convection method processes plant ingredients in the chamber into vapor through hot air. This method heats herb products evenly without stirring. Conduction, on the other hand, heats the weed component directly. By this method, your cannabis is heated when the substance touches the heating chamber’s hot interior walls directly. This process heats up faster but can burn up your plants if not careful.

3. Construction

Design is another crucial condition you need to take note of. On the market today, vaping devices are available in different construction and design. However, a durable product is a blessing in the vaping arena. With a sturdy vape pen, you don’t have to visit the market soon. Likewise, you won’t always have to repair it. I know you don’t want to purchase a model that won’t last long. Durability is an essential factor to consider before buying any device. Ensure you go for a trustworthy company product that will last longer.

Besides, having a sleek design smoking device is the king of all. Attractive vape pens add extra elegance to your outfit. They are also an excellent option for users who are always on the road. 

4. Price

Who goes to the market without a proper budget? Know the quantity of your cloth and cut it according to the quantity you have. Price is a vital factor to consider before purchasing any tool. The first thing to put in mind is, “how much are you willing to invest? Both expensive and inexpensive prototypes are available in the cannabis market. Therefore, allow your pocket to guide you in making the right choices.

5. Enhanced temperature control

Imagine a situation where heat control is difficult. It is quite unimaginable, right? I know. Having control over the temperature is essential. The product usually comes with two temperature regulators. They are the digital and dial regulator. Each has its peculiarity. So, purchase a model that best suits your vaping lifestyle.

6. Power

The power supply of your design is another vital factor to consider. Your device can either take power from two sources. One is an electricity plug-in outlet or from a battery. Desktop vapes don’t use rechargeable batteries; instead, they stay plugged into the wall while inhaling. However, unlike the desktop design, a portable prototype depends on batteries for survival. These batteries can either be rechargeable or replaceable. As it sounds, rechargeable products are recharged immediately after use while you can change replaceable batteries. Choose wisely.

7. Mouthpiece

An excellent vaping experience also depends on the mouth of your design. It is a part that is crucial and contributes effectively to the air passage. After heating plant materials in the chamber, inhaling is further done through the mouthpiece. The better the airflow, the easier it is to inhale the vapor. Therefore, always go for the mouth option that complements your smoke life.




How do you maintain a dry herb vaporizer?

Having a good and durable model is a good thing but maintaining your device makes it last longer. The question is, how best do you maintain your prototype? It is simple. Maintenance is done by cleaning. Cleaning your vape tool is easy, but a slight error can affect its performance. The perfect period to clean is immediately after the vaping. Ensure your vaporizer is off and not too hot. Remove the mouthpiece carefully from your device and use a brush to eliminate any leftover substance from the herb oven.

Further, dip cotton into an alcohol-based lotion and wipe the inside of the oven until it’s clean. Loosen the mouthpiece and make sure the air passage is clean as well. Disinfecting your equipment is crucial.  Debris in the gadget invariably causes irregular vaporization. Don’t wait until the device becomes difficult to clean.

Wrap up

This review best highlights necessary things worthy of knowing for veterans and newbies before purchasing a dry herb vaporizer. With the above, a journey into the vape world becomes easy. Smoke responsibly.