Why Not Just Ingest CBD in Pure Oil Form?

If you are reading this, you probably are already aware of the many benefits associated with ingestion of CBD. CBD is an extract of the marijuana plant. That’s right. The same green plant that gets people high also packs quite a bit of pharmaceutical value. In fact, a lot of people are quickly discovering that the marijuana plant, long misunderstood, is actually Mother Nature’s 100% organic natural pharmacy. Who knew?

Marijuana extracts have been linked to pain relief treatment of depression, anxiety and mood disorders. It has been suggested as the treatment for personality disorders. It can help you sleep better at night. It can boost the quality of your sleep. The list goes on and on.

There’s an 800-pound elephant in the room, however. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this problem. While it’s true that the health benefits associated with marijuana continues to increase on an almost annual basis, it is also true that marijuana contains THC. If you were to just smoke the buds or flowers of this plant, you’re going to get the unwelcome “side effect” of euphoria, getting high and a tremendous sense of happiness.

We don’t want that especially if you are going to be operating some sort of heavy equipment like let’s say a car. This puts a lot of people in a tight spot. They want the wide range of health and mental benefits that marijuana-derived compounds bring to the table, but they want to skip THC. What to do?

This is where CBD comes in. CBD is a specific compound extracted from the marijuana plant that delivers a wide range of health benefits but doesn’t get you high. In other words, you get to have your cake and eat it too. Yes, you can have it both ways.

CBD packs marijuana’s benefits in a profound way without you getting high at all. You’re not even going to get a buzz. That’s how safe CBD is.

Another key selling point of this compound is the fact that it’s not going to lead to you flunking urine tests. This is a very important benefit because a lot of workplaces in the United States still require drug tests.

While it’s true that state after state has, for all practical purposes, legalized marijuana, you still need to pass a urine drug test if you want to keep your job. This is why there is a large movement of people to CBD. This is not going to stop anytime soon because as the recreational marijuana trend continues to grow in the United States, this can lead to more formal research studies on and marijuana’s many health effects.

So, why shouldn’t people just take CBD in pure oil form? After all, this is one of oldest ways to ingest this compound. It really all boils down to different strokes for different folks. I really can’t reduce it to a simpler saying than that because different people have different reactions.

You may think that dropping a few grams of CBD under your tongue is enough for you to get its benefits. However, for somebody else, that just might not do the trick. Different CBD forms appeal to different people’s preferences. We’re just wired differently. That’s just the way it is. It is no surprise that our CBD gummy bears, CBD topical oils and creams, CBD tablets and capsules on the market. It seems like every single year, CBD can be ingested in a brand new way.

This is good news because if you prefer gummy bears, this means that you can ingest this amazing health-boosting compound on your own terms. The bottom line is that the only limit to CBD oil ingestion is your imagination. You can apply to your skin. You can drop a few drops under your tongue. You can eat it in the form of brownies and cookies. There are even CBD patches and strips.

Regardless of the form, just make sure that you get the right dosage because it’s extremely crucial that you get the medication you need. Mother Nature’s green 100% natural organic pharmacy in the form of the marijuana plant has now become more accessible thanks to CBD.

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