The method of acquisition did not violate the laws and regulation of this state, any other state or the Federal Government; and, 4. The permittee must furnish proof that game mammals and birds were legally obtained. And it doesn’t matter if they are legal or not. Foods requiring refrigeration must be stored in a refrigerator. Native species are not allowed as pets. » (like I stated in the description at the beginning of this page, you should always call and ask your municipality about the animal's legality in the city, before actually purchasing it. Federal Permit Requirements: If applicable, proof must be furnished of a valid federal wildlife possession or importation permit, and compliance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Also know, what animals are illegal to own in New York state? 20.5 Enclosures and sanitation; mute swan requirements. The animal shall receive prompt treatment for any illness or injury from a licensed veterinarian; and. § 4081(a) and (b) which authorizes the board to carry out the purposes of protecting the state?s wildlife, and 10 V.S.A. To put it simply: no, foxes are not legal in South Carolina. West Virginia - NO, foxes are not legal in West Virginia. - Fox, South American - IV, Mammal - Dog, wild - Canidae - Urocyon littoralis - Fox, Island - IV, Mammal - Dog, wild - Canidae - Vulpes (sp.variety) - Fox (any type) - IV, Citation: New Mexico Department of Game & Fish - Director?s Species Importation List. (v) Order Artiodactyla: Hippopotamus, African buffalo; (i) Order Crocodylia: Crocodiles and alligators?All species; and, (ii) Order Serpentes: Snakes?All poisonous species; and. Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and gray foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) are Class II wild animals that are native to the state. The English and the scientific names of animals change, and the names used in this rule are to be considered synonymous with names in earlier use and with names that, at any time after publication of this rule, may supersede those used herein. a. Ondatra zibethica (Muskrats) are not restricted under conditions set forth in Fish and Game Code Section 2250; b. Domesticated races of golden hamsters of the species Mesocricetus auratus and domesticated races of dwarf hamsters of the Genus Phodopusare not restricted; c. Domesticated races of rats or mice (white or albino; trained, dancing or spinning, laboratory-reared) are not restricted; d. Domesticated races of guinea pigs of the species Cavia porcellus are not restricted; and. Rabies control in wildlife animals. © The holder of a captive white-tailed deer propagation license shall not knowingly falsify any record or tag that is required in rules adopted under section 943.24 of the Revised Code or in rules adopted under section 1531.10 of the Revised Code. 5. Wisconsin - YES, foxes are legal in Wisconsin. Thank you for contacting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Executive Division. Mammals listed to prevent the depletion of wild populations and to provide for animal welfare are termed ?welfare animals?, and are designated by the letter ?W?. All native species. seq. (D) It is unlawful to keep non-native wildlife under inhumane or unhealthy conditions. ?Dangerous wild animal? includes a mammal that is represented by its owner or keeper to be a cross between a domestic dog (Canis familiaris) and a wild canid or wild canid hybrid, and includes without limitation, any mammal that is represented by its owner or keeper to be a wolf hybrid, coyote hybrid, coy dog or any other wild canid hybrid. Holders of fur-bearing mammal breeder permits may import fur-bearing mammals into the State of Illinois but may release the same only after health and disease prevention requirements set forth by the Director and other State agencies have been met and permission of the Director has been granted. If it is a species that could be closely confused with a native species, then it needs a permit. 5. The DNR should be contacted in regards to permits. No person shall transport from the state or offer for sale out of state any live foxes or coyotes. Massachusetts, for example, has a large number of animals that are considered domesticated based on color forms; some of them, like the mink, I don't think would be legal if MA legislators weren't deluded about what domestication is. Licenses are not issued to allow the keeping of wild animals as pets. (5) Class V?This class includes such species that the commission, in conjunction with the commissioner of agriculture, may designate by rules and regulations as injurious to the environment. Answer: Foxes are furbearers and aren't legal to own in Texas. She'll let us pet her, but acts as if her stomach bothers her when we touch it. Look into your states rules and regulations on having foxes to find out whether it is legal or not. As per City of Winnipeg Exotic Animal By-law 3389/83, no person, firm or corporation shall keep or harbour "All members of order Carnivora excepting domestic dogs (Canis familiaris), domestic cats (Felis catus) and ferrets. Alligators and caiman; Crocodylidae ? »« Fennec fox (Vulpes zerda), the Grey fox, as well as other non-native species are members of the family Canidae and are therefore considered to be Controlled Alien Species and, as of April 1, 2010, a person in BC is required to hold a valid CAS permit in order to be in legal possession of it. b. evidence approved by the director shall accompany the application to establish compliance with this subsection. 5. For each additional animal, there is an increase in cage or enclosure size by 25 percent of original floor area. After notification, the person shall apply for an annual permit. Some people reported officials state only Silvers, Fennecs, Pales, and Arctics are allowed. If the floor is constructed of wire, a solid resting surface large enough to hold all the animals at the same time must be provided. ?nonnative (exotic) animal? Hawaii - NO, foxes are not legal in Hawaii. Pens must be structurally sound, kept in good repair, protect the captive animals from injury, hold the animals securely and prevent other animals from getting inside. Species so designated may only be held in zoos under such conditions as to prevent the release or escape of such wildlife into the environment. (1) Persons legally possessing Class I wildlife prior to June 25, 1991, shall obtain annually a personal possession permit to keep such Class I wildlife. Question: Can I have a Silver Fox in the US? The board shall issue the permit if the following requirements are met: (2) Grounds for denial as listed in § 12:68:18:09 do not exist; and. Each violation shall be a separate and distinct offense. Any person in possession of an exotic animal possession permit must maintain possession of the animal(s) identified on that permit at the location specified on that permit, and the enclosures that were inspected prior to issuance of that permit. How much wond be to buy a wolf and fox as a pet, How much for a fox im a big fox fan and i want one so bad, i want to have a pet fox do you have any sugestions. (b) Owners of unpermitted wild animals who do not qualify for a permit to possess the wild animal shall dispose of the wild animal according to law or regulation within thirty (30) days of notification by the department.

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