My view of the stage was blocked by the big hat of the woman sitting in Kris asked, sitting heavily on the ground beside him. Sitting on a secluded site at the far side of the circle, on the outside, sat a mid-sized Pace Arrow motor home with California Plates! 1. Giovanni in Laterano - and the Virgin's wedding -ring; and at the north-east corner is a sitting statue of Pope Julius III. After supper, Alex and Jonathan were sitting on the couch reading a book while she did the dishes. Gabriel was sitting alone on top of one of the half dozen picnic tables. The Departmental Committee of the Board of Trade, sitting in 1909 to consider railway accounting forms, while recommending ton-miles to the careful consideration of those responsible for railway working in Great Britain, considered the question of their necessity in British practice to be still open, and held that, at all events, they should not be introduced under compulsion. Meaning: ['sɪtɪŋ] n. 1. One of the girls grabbed her hand to pull her to the blankets where they'd been sitting while another one tugged at a loose lock of her hair. Roman Catholics and all concerned in the Irish rebellion were permanently disfranchised and declared incapable of sitting in parliament, and those who had taken part in the war against the parliament were condemned to a similar disability during the first four parliaments. Example sentences with the word setting. Read more… Now he was required to attend sittings that lasted well into the early hours of the morning. He tried to turn and raise himself to a sitting position while pushing her away, but she held back his arm in a strong grip and locked a crooked arm about his neck. last, on Dec. 17 1909, after an 86-hour sitting, entirely occupied with debates on emergency motions, an emergency motion as to new standing orders proposed by the Polish group was passed; on the following day the Upper House adopted these resolutions, and on Dec. 20 1909 the new law was promulgated. During the hectic split-second timing of a campaign, … Dictionary Thesaurus Examples ... Petrusha has brought some papers," said one of the nursemaids to Prince Andrew who was sitting on a child's little chair while, frowning and with trembling hands, he poured drops from a medicine bottle into a … He's just sitting back somewhere planning how to nail you. They were sitting around the dining room table, spellbound as Fred gave witness to past purchases and profits. 4. In the smoke-infested wigwam and hut the ground was the best place for sitting or sleeping. How to use setting in a sentence. I was left sitting on my hands until the appointed hour of Howie's nap before Betsy assigned me the chore of remaining in the small room while he slept. Soon afterwards he exchanged his chair of history for one of poetry, continuing to contribute political articles to the Debats, and sitting as deputy in the chamber from 1835 to 1848. Why aren’t you doing your homework? She is personified as a widowed princess, bereaved and desolate, sitting amid the ruins of her former joys, and brooding over her calamities. It was decreed that no deputy should be minister while sitting in the House or for two years after. By its provisions communications from the Government and the other House, and reports of commissions, had to take precedence of other business; further, the president could postpone to the end of the sitting formal motions, interpellations, emergency motions, and other obstructive measures. She ached as much from her workout the day before as falling asleep sitting with her sketchbook. Don't chase about any … Example sentences with the word sit. It is at least as old as the school house sitting next to it. Sitting on the couch feeling sorry for herself wasn't accomplishing anything. I am sitting on the piazza, and my little white pigeon is perched on the back of my chair, watching me write. The king, urged by the privileged classes, responded to this first revolutionary act, as in 1614, by closing the Salle des Menus Plaisirs where the third estate were sitting; where- Oath of upon, gathered in one of the tennis-courts under the the presidency of Bailly, they swore on the 20th of June tennls~ not to separate before having established the con- COtIlt stitution of the kingdom. 8. 2. Dean thought he'd lost her completely but she remained sitting, clapping with the other spectators—a bit too strenuously—as the puppy parade continued. him sitting on the hearth and preparing his simple meal of roasted turnips. She was sitting at the vanity table brushing her hair when he returned. If you believed that was a fact we wouldn't be sitting here talking about it. When she entered his room, he was sitting up in bed, a tray of food in front of him. 3. The problems don't worry you; you're sitting pretty. Taran stepped into a cavernous bedchamber lit by low burning hearths and scented by the white flowers sitting in each window. Jonathan was sitting on his bed, watching TV in his pajamas. the first, he took it to Venice, where he communicated the details of his invention to the public, and presented the instrument itself to the doge Leonardo Donato, sitting in full council. Debray (1827-1888) he worked at the platinum metals, his object being on the one hand to prepare them pure, and on the other to find a suitable metal for the standard metre for the International Metric Commission then sitting at Paris. Questions of jurisdiction between the superior and supreme courts, as well as questions of like character between the supreme court and the executive, are decided by the senate sitting as a court. ", Elisabeth sighed, "Jackson behaved very irresponsibly and he is lucky to be sitting here today.". Sitting in a sentence up(1) down(3) Sentence count:200+80Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27. You'd think you were on trial today instead of sitting in a jury box. There were numerous other tents in the area, many occupied and others with campers sitting outside enjoying the setting sun. Answer. A few days later Nuncomar was thrown into prison on a charge of forgery preferred by a private prosecutor, tried before the supreme court sitting in bar, found guilty by a jury of Englishmen and sentenced to be hanged. Tears come to my eyes these months later as I pen these words, sitting in the comfort of our Surry, New Hampshire home with Betsy by my side. Meanwhile although the states were still sitting at the Hague, an army of 14,000 troops under the command of Prince Frederick, second son of the king, was gradually approaching Brussels. The period thus spent in the provinces will never exceed three months; in London, with the frequent sitting at Clerkenwell and of the Central Criminal Court, it is seldom more than one month. 2. died at Toledo, in 1406, the cortes was sitting, and the nobles offered to make him king in preference to his nephew John. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / Works on iPad and some other mobile devices. The humerus has no foramen, and the FIG. For the most part, the facial expressions of those sitting around the table were sympathetic, but Dulce looked as if she was ready to break into tears. The table on which you are sitting is very old. Jackson and Elisabeth took turns sitting with Sarah; she seemed to be reconciling herself to their new reality. He was in the living room when she arrived, sitting in his chair reading the newspaper. 12. Can you make a sentence about sitting? 7. He couldn't imagine waking up to find an Other sitting in the corner. "Come over here, Helene, dear," said Anna Pavlovna to the beautiful young princess who was sitting some way off, the center of another group. Then one of the officers, who was sitting near the poet, cried out: Stop!

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