What Are The Different Product Types of CBD?

There are two main forms of CBD: CBD Extracts and CBD Isolates.

CBD Extracts

CBD extract is a thick, oily substance usually in paste form that contains cannabis compounds like fatty acids and cannabinoids. It is used both as ingredients in many product types or as a standalone product. Extracts are obtained from hemp sources with high CBD content and low in THC. When sold exclusively, these come in a syringe or similar packages. That is also known as full-spectrum CBD, as it maintains the full range of components obtained from the plant.

Extracts are commonly used as potent medicines and are usually administered sublingually or swallowed.

CBD Isolates

These are pure CBD crystalline substances that come in white powder or slabs. They contain more than 99% potency of the cannabinoid compound. Isolates do not have any THC components and are considered safe.

Isolates are produced by subjecting a full-spectrum CBD extract to a crystallization process. Although isolates are a pure form of CBD, they are less potent than extracts.

Typical applications are capsules, edibles, oil tinctures, and  vapes.

Product Types and Application:

Beauty Products

Beauty products with CBD are usually used to ease pains and swelling. Examples: soaps, shampoo/conditioners, moisturizing creams/gels/lotions, toners, bath bombs, and lip balms

Oil-based Capsules

These are CBD concentrates in pill-form and swallowed like ordinary supplements. They come in soft-gels or two-piece capsules. 

What do these capsules contain?

  • CBD extract or Isolate;
  • oil carrier (hemp, coconut, or MCT oil) 
  • herbs and supplements

Benefits of using capsules:

  • easy to use
  • reliable and accurate dosing
  • long-lasting effect
  • discreet
  • no hemp taste


CBD concentrates are highly potent extracts with high cannabidiol levels. They are usually used by dabbing or by inhaling. You can also smoke it using a pen vaporizer.


CBD is inherently water-insoluble. However, due to new cannabis extraction techniques, water-friendly CBD is being developed. And that made it possible to add CBD to various drinks such as bottled CBD water, energy drinks, and powdered drink mixes.

Other Water-soluble products

Water-soluble capsules, hemp extract powders, and tinctures are available.


A fun way of taking advantage of CBD benefits.  CBD is added to a variety of food products to create CBD gummies, chocolates, cookies, lollipops, and so much more. The best reason for CBD edibles is that it is easy to use and to mask the taste.

Pet products

Your pets can also benefit from the advantages CBD offers. The popular types are tinctures, capsules, cookies/treats, and sprays.

Oil-based Tinctures

Also known simply as CBD oil, this form is applied sublingually and swallowed. It usually comes in a small bottle with a dropper. 

The liquid is composed of the following:

  • CBD Extract or CBD isolate
  • Carrier oil (hemp oil, MCT oil, alcohol, or vegetable glycerin)
  • Additives like sweeteners, flavors, and terpenes

Examples of oil-based tinctures are: Sisters of the Valley CBD oil, 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture, Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil, and Green Roads CBD Oil

Topicals and balms

An effective means of applying CBD directly onto a sore or irritated area for localized relief. Some of the popular applications are massage oil, muscle soreness, and skin conditions.

Vape Products

Similar to the common types of vaping, this method vaporizes the CBD medium by a vape pen to facilitate inhalation. 

There are many CBD vape products available:

Disposable Vape Pens

These pens come with pre-filled CBD vape oil, atomizer, and battery. They are thrown away after use.

Vape Cartridges

The cartridges are pre-filled with CBD extracts and thinning agents.  Connect the cartridge to the battery and start vaping.

Vape oil/eLiquid

Also known as vape juice or e-juice, the CBD vape oil is the liquid substance that is heated, vaporized, and inhaled. It comes in a tincture dropper or squeeze bottle.



We hope this guide helped you in knowing the different CBD oil products and applications available. Thank you for dropping by!