CBD is helpful for

It has a plethora of uses and is used as an anti-psychotic. Moreover, it can help the person to quit smoking and not to mention all the life-changing benefits.

  • EPILEPSY – is a well-tolerated and promising therapeutic treatment that has demonstrated the ability to reduce or even eliminate seizures.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Cannabidiol as an emergent therapeutic strategy for lessening the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress.
  • CHRONIC PAIN – CBD oil shows promise as a treatment for arthritis pain. The way researchers believe it affects receptors in the brain and immune system means it may reduce inflammation and pain.
  • ANXIETY – Anxiety is a cruel, unrelenting little bastard that takes great joy in imposing general misery on the lives of those affected by it.Thus, CBD helps in curing anxiety.
  • PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS – Psychiatric patients treated with a substance found in cannabis, cannabidiol, showed a significant reduction in psychotic symptoms and were also more likely to be rated as “improved” by their psychiatrist
  • CANCER – There have been a number of reports which have shown that CBD can inhibit cancer cell invasion, adhesion and migration.
  • DIABETES – CBD helps in the development of insulin resistance.
  • ANTIDEPRESSANT – CBD acts as a best anti-depressant as Cannabidiol (CBD) is a constituent non-psychotomimetic of Cannabis sativa with great psychiatric potential,
  • YOUR DOG – There are many benefits fro the oil for your dog.
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Different Ways to Consume CBD

CBD can be found in so many different forms. Cosmetics, food products, tinctures, oils, E-liquids, crystals. Must be very confusing about what to choose from all the options and how to decide what’s best for you. To help make sense of so many options we gathered a little info together to educate about all these forms of CBD products available on shelves.


CBD oil can come from cannabis or hemp. There is a minor difference between these two.


A CBD tincture consists of CBD oil that’s mixed with a liquid so that it can be administered via dropper.

Topical Products

Topical products come in a variety of different forms, from salves to creams,


Vaporizing allows for the effects of CBD to be felt quickly and tends to be a cleaner method

High CBD Marijuana Strains

If none of the above methods of CBD consumption appeal to you, you can always go

CBD for Pets

If none of the above methods of CBD consumption appeal to you, you can always go

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CBD significantly reduced subjective anxiety as measured by rating scales, while brain activity was increased in the left parahippocampal gyrus and decreased in the left amygdala-hippocampus complex, including the fusiform gyrus. This pattern of SPECT results is compatible with an anxiolytic action.

Edibles side effects

edibles side effect What are edibles?  These are food products that contain Marijuana and can come in different forms like baked goods, gummies, chocolates, candies, and beverages. It can be made at home [...]

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Help us understand where are we standing with CBD today

     I remember I smoked weed when I was younger but I wasn’t familiar with CBD at all.  I found out that CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp and one of more than 120 compounds called cannabinoids.  It really helps me a lot, my mind never felt as clear and rested my anxiety is completely gone. I am not a big review writer but I know many of us are suffering from social anxiety and people have no idea how bad it is. 

    Shannon K.

    I was skeptical at first with CBD to manage my chronic lower back pain. Taking this throughout the day has lessened the severity of my pain.  My wife says I tend to stand straighter since taking CBD. I recommend  it for pain and I also noticed that I sleep better. All in one, great stuff, comes in different flavors, I am using tinctures and taste like chocolate 🙂

    Andy M.

    At first, I didn’t notice anything and my 13 years old Charlie didn’t seem to like it, I used my human CBD oil on him, he hates the taste of medicine. My beloved pooch is having issues with his hip and losing his eyesight associated with senior life. I mix it into his wet food, I have been seeing great results in his appetite and overall comfort. His definitely walks more and enjoying back rubs.

    Kelly F.


    CBD or Cannabidiol is known to be one of the ingredients that you would find in marijuana. CBD has many benefits.
    Currently, cannabis is legal for medical purposes in 50% of states and allow products that are high in cannaboidal and low in THC.

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