Ever wondered for how long your weed is good for?

The method you choose to store your cannabis can make a significant difference in the period it stays fresh and potent.

What is the best way to store your weed?

And is vacuum sealing an option?

If you are storing your weed wrong, you will see that the stored buds will start to discolor and turn into a brown color and get crumbly. The brown color is not a bad thing but if it is brown and crumbly it means that it was not stored in an airtight container. If there is a random sign of brown patches on good-looking weed it can also be mold.

How to store your weed properly

Some weed growers only harvest once a year and maybe need the batch to last till their next harvest. But lucky for you, it is not hard or expensive to store your buds and you don’t need any special equipment except for an air-tight glass jar. These jars are the best to store your cannabis buds.

Here are some of the best methods for storing your cannabis:

1. Glass Mason jars in a cool dark place.

A 15-21-degree Celsius cool, dark place is the best and most effective way to store your cannabis and is the popular way how growers store their buds. These jars that are usually used for marinades, are used to keep the cannabis potent and to protect the buds from getting moist or air and will also contain the smell.

Make sure that your jar is filled at least 3/4 if there are fewer buds, use a smaller jar so that there is not so much air with your buds.
If you store it according to this method using an airtight jar in a place that is cool and dark you can maintain its potency for more than a year.
When you want to use your buds over a long period of time the following method is best for you.

2. Freezing your buds

Once your buds are completely dry and you have stored it at least for 4 weeks you can go ahead and freeze them by doing this you will contain their potency for years. Remember to let your buds first come to room temperature, before handling to avoid them becoming brittle and breakable.

Methods to avoid

Do not refrigerate your buds because this will cause them to become moldy. Rather keep them outside the fridge or inside the freezer.

Avoid using plastic bags, this is the worst way to store your buds, and cause them to lose smell, dry out, and get brittle. The potency of your buds will degrade quickly and become crumbly. Rather use a UV-proof glass stash box instead of as this will also prevent the smell from leaking out.


3. Using a vacuum sealer

zip lock weed
This method is recommended if you want to store your buds over a long period of time and helps take out the unwanted air. But if you decide to vacuum seal your bud, remember to follow the rest of the steps.


4. Boveda Packs

These packs turn any airtight space into a humidor. These packs are specifically designed to store your cannabis and regulate its humidity it also prevents buds from getting dried out or brittle. You can also use the Boveda packs for the curing process. Before you put your buds in long-term storage make sure they are cured first if they are still green and fresh.


Wait 4 weeks for buds to cure before putting them into long-term storage.


Many people wonder how long your weed can last for before you must throw it away. Their answers were if it does not get wet, it can be good for a long time others also suggested using a mason jar.

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Now that you know how to store your cannabis the right way you can enjoy it for years to come. Relax, enjoy, and lose your weed by smoking it and not because of wrong storage methods.