Vaporizing CBD is easy on the lungs, diffuses directly into your bloodstreams rather than passing through your gut and liver. The optimal temperature is to vape 200°C- 250°C / 392°F – 480°F

Ideal vaping temperature is largely based on personal preference. We suggest experimenting with 10-degree increments.

  • THC (approx 315°F)
  • CBD (approx 356°F)
  • CBN (approx 365°F)
  • THCv (approx 428°F)
  • 356 ℉ or lower = light mental medication (for anxiety, PTSD, and the like), best flavor
  • 356 ℉ to 392 ℉ = moderate body effects (psychedelia/couch lock), good flavor
  • 392 ℉ and up = heavy body effects, less flavor