What is mouth to lung vape?

If you are new to vaping, you must have heard about the terms mouth to lung and direct to lung. But what is the difference and are you may be doing it wrong?
Well, if you are an ex-smoker you already have the mouth to lung under the knee, because the inhale of the vapor is the same as you did when you smoked. You can probably work out that direct to the lung is the inhalation straight to your lungs.

Still wondering what the difference is. Well, it is all up to you and the experience of vaping you are looking for.

Mouth to lung vape

Mouth to lung vape

There are a few different styles of vaping. Most e-cigarette users use the same method to vape as they did when they smoked. If you want to use clouds, that is where direct lung comes in. By using atomizers with high power an open airflow, it will increase the vapor that comes off your coil to a massive extent. To get this airflow is using the method direct to lung.

Disadvantages of direct to lung

• The flavors go quickly over your tongue that you do not have time to appreciate it.
• It is also an ingredient that you do not want to inhale too much, because it is not as safe as PG, VG, and Nicotine
• For the average vaper, you do not have to worry, but it can get risky if you are inhaling a huge amount of juice with 20 percent flavor concentration.

If you stick to the mouth to lung method, you will enjoy the effect of the flavors more at a lower concentration, because it is not going straight to your lungs. You will also use less liquid, saving some extra dollars.

What will you need?

– Any modern mod will deliver the power you will need.
– Choosing a liquid is also very important. Although, direct to lung gives you a better throat hit you can make up for it by using a liquid that contains a higher nicotine or PG level.

If you think that there is a special technique for it. There is not. Just fill-up the vape, press the button and inhale the vapor just like a cigarette. But at the end of the day, it is your choice, if you want to chase the clouds go for the direct lung method. If not mouth to the lung will be just fine for you!