CBD, of course, is short for cannabidiol. One of several hundred biochemical naturally occurring compounds found in the marijuana plant. While CBD has become quite popular recently, a lot of its newly acquired fame centers around its pain management and pain alleviation properties.

These properties take center stage for a good reason. There is currently an opioid epidemic gripping America. People are overdosing at alarming levels. In fact, last year alone, over 60,000 people died from drug overdoses. It is a tragedy of epic proportions.

A lot of this tragedy can be traced to the simple fact that for the longest time, doctors are too quick to prescribe opioid pain medication. These are pain-relieving drugs that use opioid ingredients like Vicodin, Percocet oxycontin, codeine, you name it!

This tragedy didn’t have to happen if only marijuana was rescheduled by the federal government. For the longest time, marijuana is a schedule one drug. This means that in the eyes of the US federal government, this plant has absolutely no value. None! Zero!

This is really a tragedy because people who have been taking CBD or who have been smoking medical marijuana report that their pain issues have gone away or have been severely suppressed. Put simply, you don’t have to take opioid-based pain medication for your condition. 

Maybe you’re suffering from pain caused by chemotherapy. Maybe you have inoperable forms of cancer that cause you a lot of pain. Maybe you have chronic pain and your doctor simply can’t quite figure out what’s causing it.

Medical marijuana has worked wonders for people like you. Unfortunately, too many people just take their doctor’s word for it and they are written an opioid-based pain medication. A significant chunk of these people eventually become hooked on those drugs.

When their doctor stops prescribing them their pain medication, what happens next? Well, it’s all too predictable. They switch to street drugs like heroin. Tragically, a significant proportion of the heroin being sold on the streets of the United States is laced with the extremely dangerous pain killer fentanyl.

You can go ahead and connect the dots. It’s pretty straightforward. This is pretty much the long and short story behind America’s current overdosed death disaster. Again, this is a disaster that did not need to happen.

Thankfully, CBD has become really popular and now, people have an option. CBD is not habit forming. It doesn’t get you high like its chemical cousin THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. While CBD is sourced from the marijuana plant, it has none of the traditional baggage THC comes with.

But as celebrated as THC may be for its pain management qualities, it should also gain the spotlight for its ability to deliver sleep. Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep, research studies show that you probably would have a shortened life expectancy? 

Did you know that sleep impacts your mood and your ability to make good decisions because of your willpower levels? When it comes to human willpower, there is only one activity that is known and proven to recharge you. Guess what that is.

That’s right. Sleeping. Judging from the facts above, it should be abundantly clear that sleep is crucial. In fact, it can probably explain why so many people are frustrated or facing challenges. Maybe they’re just not getting enough sleep. It may be that simple.

But just because the problem is simple doesn’t mean that the solution is. For whatever reason, people have a tough time getting the duration and the quality of sleep they need. Please understand that just because you slept 8 hours doesn’t mean that you slept well. 

If you didn’t have a deep sleep or REM sleep, you might as well have not slept because you may have closed your eyes, but you really didn’t sleep. For sleep to truly benefit you on a psychological, emotional and physical level, you have to get deep sleep.

Many people who take CBD report sleeping better. They’re not just sleeping longer. But the overall quality of their sleep has dramatically improved. While this is at the anecdotal stage currently, these reports cannot be ignored.

It is quite a coincidence that a lot of people are reporting the same thing. They all share a common story: thanks to CBD, people are sleeping longer and better. Don’t underestimate this particular reason for taking CBD. 

The great thing about this all natural compound is that it is pretty much all in one natural supplement. You can take it for sleep. You can also take it for pain. You can take it for depression and anxiety. You can take it for a long laundry list of afflictions that impact the body, mind, and soul.

It definitely beats opioid-based medication. That’s for sure. Do yourself a big favor. Look into getting better sleep. It may well turn out that a lot of the frustrations you have as well as the challenges you face may trace back to the simple fact that you’re just not getting the kind of quality sleep you should be getting. 

Believe it or not, a lot of the seemingly intractable and complex problems we face today might actually have very simple origins. The solution may not be all that convoluted or complicated. We may just be overthinking things or over-complicating them.

Do yourself a big favor. Look into taking CBD. There’s really very little downside and a lot to recommend as far as upsides go. The benefits you stand to gain far outweigh whatever hassles CBD brings to the table.

Let’s put it this way. You don’t have to worry about flunking a drug test. You don’t have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law with CBD.